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Sean Blake - ManagementThe success of a building supply business does not come overnight, it take years of experience, determination, hard work and most of all endless patients. Sean Blake Building Supplies is a family business for many years now and the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience gained over the years is priceless.

Sean Fotheringham is the Managing Director and he manage the business with a firm hand, yet in a modern open minded environment taking the company forward step by step. Looking back at the growth the past few years it is clearly visible that he is doing an excellent job, something the staff is thankful for and the clients admire.

Frikkie Möller is the Manager and we could not have asked for a better person for the task. With more than 21 years experience in the building supply and hardware industry his knowledge and experience is nowhere else to be found. Frikkie manage various day to day activities and with the assistance of our other key personnel he ensures that Sean Blake Building Supplies run smoothly and well organized.

Please do not hesitate to contact the management team should you have an inquiry, complement, suggestion or even a complaint. Your request will be attended to and you will get feedback regarding you request.

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