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Sean Blake Building Supplies - AdministrationAdministration, any company’s heart beat and nightmare at the same time and it is also the most unpleasant task that nobody want to do. Well not at Sean Blake Building Supplies. Joan Fotheringham is our Administrator and her accuracy has astonished many in the past and it means everything to her.


Joan manages and administrates the company’s financial aspects with assistance from our Debtors and Creditors teams. Together this team ensure that our finances are managed to the best benefit of the company and its clients.


Again accuracy is of the utmost essence and you will really struggle to find a filling system so accurate, neatly and up to date. Whether it is general correspondation or personnel filling, everything is neatly filled. This is essential because in the case of an inquiry documentation and information can be accessed quickly and feedback can be provided fast and accurate.

Human Resources:

Managing and administrating salaries, annual leave and service contracts are a demanding task on its own. Joan manage this task excellently and this ensure that all staff are morally satisfied, which ensure higher productivity among our staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact Joan should you have a financial, administrative or personnel inquiry.

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